ANH Refractories

The ANH Family of Companies includes A.P. Green Refractories Company, North American Refractories Company, and Harbison-Walker Refractories Company. Together we provide high temperature refractory product applications in the Cement & Lime, Energy, Chemicals, Non-Ferrous Metals, Glass, Iron & Steel, and Environmental technology industries.

Manufacturing products for NARCO and Harbison-Walker:
A.P. Green Refractories (APG) makes products for the Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Cement,Copper, Glass, and Hydrocarbon and Minerals Processing industries. The company also has one of the world's top capabilities for customized pre-cast shapes, along with a full line of insulating ceramic fibers.

Serving the Glass, Iron, and Steelmaking Industries:
North American Refractories Company (NARCO) is a leading supplier of refractory solutions to the Iron and Steel and Glass Industries. The company makes high-performance products for BOFs, EAFs, LMFs, ladles, finishing, alternative ironmaking, casthouses, and blast furnaces. In Glass, NARCO produces an extensive line of bonded refractories for melter glass contact, superstructure, and forehearth applications as well as hot repair materials and services. In addition to providing complete technical support services, NARCO can design and implement a turnkey refractory management program to meet your facility's specialized requirements.

Serving the Non-Ferrous Metals, Ferrous Foundry, Hydrocarbon, Incineration, Minerals Processing and other Industries:
Harbison-Walker Refractories Company (HWR) provides high-performance refractory solutions to all non-steel-related industries. In addition to it's own outstanding line of products, many of which have become industry standards, HWR is recognized worldwide for it's technical support and expertise. Founded in 1875, the company is North America's oldest refractory maker.